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Operation input - filling of details of operation: in interests of whom it is carried out, with what security, in what trade market, etc. The commissions and collecting pay off automatically. Operations can is entered in parts on several workplaces. For example, the part of data is entered in trade department, and part in a back office.

Maintaining registers of the internal account is based on use of the principle of accumulation of these primary documents. Entries of operations in registers of the account have to be made no later than the end of the working day when the document was received or created by the company.

The information necessary for reflection containing in primary documents accepted to the account in the internal account, collects and systematized in the registration registers determined by these Standards.

Appropriate documenting of primary accounting of transactions is provided by registration of the fact of receiving an order of the client certifying the fact of obtaining the order of the client on transaction with securities and investments, and drawing up the document certifying the transaction fact with securities and investments.

Signator/2000 includes functions of the account and document flow, and also partially functions of the analysis. However, the organizations - participants of stock market can use some other systems. First of all it is systems of accounting, and also trade, information and analytical systems. The interface with accounts department assumes daily creation of the file of conductings. The interface with trade systems serves for loading in system of reports on transactions. The interface with information systems is necessary for loading of the prices and analytical indicators on securities. If the organization uses analytical systems, any information from the Signator/200 database can be transferred to them

The company independently chooses a form of the internal account from recommended by regulators, thus the company can independently adapt the recommended registers of the internal account for specifics to the work at observance of the following requirements:

The Signator/2000 system has architecture the client server and works under control of the System DBMS Oracle means existence of the allocated server by Windows NT, Netware, OS/2 or UNIX. Workplaces work under management of Windows' 9

Oracle DBMS works practically at all types of computers that removes problems of development of the organization. Originally as the server the personal computer which with a growth of volumes of information can be easily replaced with the powerful RISC server can be used.

The user himself can define new securities, setting their properties. Data on securities, except properties, include history and the forecast of the prices, the schedule of payments of coupons and dividends. These data can undertake from external information systems, such as REUTERS, DOW JONES TELERATE or RosBusinessConsulting and represent a basis for carrying out the analysis of profits losses and the technical analysis.

- in the form of the computer databases which are part of automated information processing system a back office, etc. In this case possibility of printing of above-mentioned registers of the internal account has to be provided.

The reporting to clients and regulators is an obligatory type of the reporting. Responsibility for timely providing the necessary reporting to clients and regulators is born by the head of the company and the regular controler of the company.

The basis for entries in registers of the internal account are the following primary documents fixing the fact of commission of operation with securities, and also the conclusions of the transaction, the movement of securities, cash flows: