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If to give "global" statistics, about 4,5 cases in which dynamics of a turn of firm was more preferable than development of the same indicator at the all-branch level were the share of each case of rather unsuccessful passing of crisis by monopoly. Such outcome cannot be obviously explained with simple accident: overweight of successful overcomings of crises over the unsuccessful is too considerable.

The main role in globalization of business activity belongs to multinational corporation in North America, Western Europe and Japan. These three centers of economy give 75% of world production, and multinational corporations in the countries of these regions provide release of 80% of total amount of production of all multinational corporations around the world.

It is necessary to emphasize that each concept has shortcomings. It is one of the reasons for that that scientists still try to develop the new theories explaining development, formation of corporations on the basis of the analysis of others, the factors which earlier are not considered.

The third, present stage is characterized, not so much desire of multinational corporation to get natural resources or sales markets, how many their aspiration to rationalize structures of capital investments and to take advantage of global or regional economic integration, to get additional technological, organizational or market capabilities more effectively to provide, keep and raise global competitive positions.

The remaining restrictions which removal is possible on the terms of reciprocity, remain generally concerning the countries — not members of the EU. Century of a particular, in the majority of EU countries remain requirements about that the coordinated part of production realized by subsidiary of the foreign company was made within the EU. The requirement about the organization after a certain term of resource-intensive productions is so widespread. Such restrictions are objectively directed against the Japanese multinational corporations adhering to strategy of preservation of key positions in the territory of own country.