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Transformations in the sphere of employment of the population are one of a condition of the market transformation connected with formation of (multistructure) economy, updating of branch structure of production, formation of system of the markets and them ­. Regulation of labor market has to be based on the backbone principles of economic activity of a answering to basic changes in forms of ownership and the social and labor relations. It is self-employment, a, wage labor and unemployment.

It is represented that it is necessary to include obligations of the state for formation of rational structure of employment in their number. It has to meet public requirements and requirements of the market, to promote achievement of balance of the offer of labor and workplaces, creation of the new workplaces and increase of efficiency existing to development of labor and intellectual potential, and also improvement of systems of training and retraining, the distributive relations in the labor sphere.

Mass employment of the population in informal economy distorts ideas of its real income and a standard of living, social stratification of society, a ratio of supply and demand of labor, the valid scales of unemployment. It testifies to the actual absence of control of the processes happening in labor market.

Along with specified to this category of workers it is also possible to carry: it is superfluous the busy; occupied at the work which is not demanding ­ from them qualification and experience in the presence of desire to work in the specialty; not having work, looking for and ready to it to, but not registered by an employment service or not work actively. Taking into account listed to category a summary index of unemployment could make 21,4%.

The exception is made by 30% of the registered unemployed, for which dole - the most important source of a survival of a family along with other social benefits (on children, pensions, grants, etc.).

A certain critical mass of expenses on carrying out programs and rendering of services is necessary for achievement of a noticeable positive effect. Definition of expenses on the basis of the principle of absolute minimization of expenses creates illusion of effect. As well as the cheapest programs most often create visibility of activity, but do not bring positive result.

profound change of structure of employment in the industry (the accelerated growth of number of the industrial and production personnel in power industry, gas, oil-extracting branches and reduction of employment in the processing branches and first of all in light industry and mechanical engineering);

emergence of the markets of child labor, workplaces for persons of advanced (post-retirement) age as a result decline in living standards; expansion of employment in the sphere of personal services (protection, an individual transport and carrying, service at home, etc.);

State regulation of an orientation of strategy of social and economic development and employment so far is practically not carried out. As a result processes of restructuring of employment during reforming of economy proceed is very inconsistent, their social and economic efficiency is low.

At the same time in structure of the unemployed long-term (chronic) unemployment of inactive workers in the relation, the nanosecond adapted for wage labor, socially vulnerable the population, accepting character began "to be postponed": the same citizens after removal from the account in an employment service were registered as the unemployed again.

development of the concept of employment and survival of the population of the small cities of various type in the conditions of landslide decline in production and destruction of the developed regional practice of their exclusive specialization, a binding to one-two enterprises;

Charges of the unemployed of a dependence from officials of a. About a half of jobless women and men are ready to on any specialty and in any mode (the working day full of a pla) for the "worthy earnings" estimated by them at 1,5 living wages in the region that in any way it is impossible to consider as the requirement.

Insurance funds for payment of doles sometimes are in tripartite management (the state, labor unions, employers). Both payments for unemployment, and active programs, as a rule, are protected, transfer of funds from one article on another is forbidden.