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In the presents Israel generally satisfies time of need for the food due to own production, supplementing it with import where enter mainly: wheat, raw materials for production of vegetable oil, coffee, etc. The secret of success of agriculture of Israel consists in close cooperation of farmers and scientists.

Israel needs the world! Huge material and monetary resources which are spent for defense, could go for development of national economy, including for implementation of joint Arab-Israeli projects in interests of a universal peace in the Middle East.

The period recommended by experts for rest in Israel – from October to March. At this time in the southern resorts of the country water temperature in November + 23C, in December + 20C, in January-April about + 21C, in May + 22C.

Metal working, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment: household devices, refrigerators, mechanical engineering and molding, automobile plant, conditioners (designing, installation, operation), solar and electric heaters of water.

Even at very short distances fluctuations of height above sea level are considerable. So, for example, the height difference between Jerusalem (835 m) and the Dead Sea (the lowest a place in the world of 400 m below sea-level) makes 1’235 m, whereas distance between them only 26 km.

The richness of the vegetable and animal worlds of Israel is connected with specifics a country arrangement on a joint of three continents, and also with a variety of its topographical and climatic conditions. In the territory of Israel nearly 400 bird species, 150 species of mammals, about 3'000 breeds of trees are.

The greatest growth is observed in those branches where the high technology is observed, the most advanced equipment is used, and also investments into researches and development are attracted, traditional otryaslyam of the Israeli industry are: processing of foodstuff, production of equipment, clothes, furniture, fertilizers, chemicals, products from rubber, plastic and metal.

For drinking water use - the river Jordan, the fresh-water lake of Kirenet and some small river reservoirs. Also water sources and underground waters containing on the account in order to avoid process of evaporation or avoidance of an osoleniye of water are used. As too many sources of fresh water were struck, it was necessary to find other water resources due to clarification of the fulfilled waters, artificial calling of rainfall and desalting of salty water.