It S Back To Answer Why Medicine

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Athletic gymnastics - not panacea. But its value and for society, and almost for each specific person is much higher, than gymnastics sports and art together taken and, especially, gymnastics power, that is weightlifting.

To almost healthy little girls and even to active women who else about - go-go and aged for 35-45-55, aerobics very much even will approach. Both for weight loss, and for a tone, and for the general physical preparation, and for the solution of some purely female problems, etc. Even at bad trainers. Eventually, someone has to be engaged in health of the healthy. To doctors they do not go.

Also and with physical exercises. Why nobility and carry out all their types if it is possible to manage the few? Whether it is necessary to know all this, choosing or offering a kalanetika as a main type of occupations by physical exercises? I consider that is necessary. And not only that who offers a kalanetika as a modern exotic type of improving and preventive occupations, but also that who kalanetiky is engaged, without knowing about existence, perhaps, for them the most suitable types.

Frankly speaking, there is no wish to finish conversation on athletic gymnastics in such look. After all it is one of the few initially purely sports types and a basis of modern body building / bodybuilding.