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Seeders of two modifications are most widespread: CCT-8A with a width of row-spacings of 60 cm for crops in zones of the moistening irrigated a and increased; CCT-12B with a width of of 70 and 45 cm for the main zone of not irrigation agriculture. SST-12b can convert in eight-row and to in all zones.

The general requirements at crops and a of all crops are: crops or landing in the best terms for each culture in this area; uniform distribution of seeds on the area of a field; seal of seeds on identical depth; strict observance of norm of seeding. Depth of seal of an features of the sowed culture and soil and climatic of areas of cultivation.

In modern production of plant growing widely use machine. In agricultural production understand system of production, storage, processing and a of production with concrete quantitative and indices at the smallest expenses of work, means and energy as technology. Any technology — is result of long-term scientific researches and field experiments. Technologies continuously and supplement. New technologies can be to introduction in production after comprehensive check in economic conditions and receiving positive effect. It is possible to apply to specific conditions of managing ­ options of technologies. However not all of them ­ will be effective. For a choice of optimum option the scientist-agroyonom carries out the technical and economic analysis of all technologies with standard reflection as it is rational to do it at all stages of production, what resources and equipment for this purpose of a.

In relation to ordinary crops the requirement uniform the of seeds on the area of a field is reduced to uniform distribution them in rows and consistency of width of row-spacings. At implementation of the requirement for the usual width of row-spacings in 15 cm the area the represents the extended rectangle, the long parties of a cat of a horn in 10 — 15 times more of the short.

At crops of propashny cultures it is necessary to observe requirements: average daily temperature of the soil at a depth of 10 cm for seeds of corn has to be. 12 °C, for sugar beet. 6 °C; deviation of norm of seeding of seeds of corn ± (. %, beet ±14 of %; tolerance of depth of crops of seeds ± (0. K) cm; uniformity of distribution of seeds on row length. 70%; deviation of width of butt row-spacings of ±5 cm, ±1 cm; a deviation of the axial line of a row on length of 50 m — no more than 5 cm. Flaws and not sowed rotary strips are not allowed.

When developing new equipment the or the principle of replacement use the principle. In the first case the production will be improved or modernized without change of its process. Productivity of an advanced increases by 1,3 times, and modernized — by 1,6 times in comparison with production. In the second case, working inventions, develop new or essentially new car which working process differs essential, and productivity increases twice and more.

Agronomists, economists, engineers and other experts have to have necessary knowledge of cars to choose economically effective samples of equipment in the market, to make of them complexes for realization of the planned technologies and to organize their use.

Classify by the same signs also landing cars. On a way of landing also distinguish ordinary and nested landing cars; to destination — kartofeleposadochny, rassadoposadochny, lesoposadochny and

However such classification is indistinct as many seeders are used for seeding of different types of cultures. So, a linen seeder it is possible to sow also grain crops; some beet seeders are applied and to seeding of grain crops.

Crops are not applied now by Razbrosna owing to distribution of seeds on a surface of a field and. their uneven seal on depth. This way is replaced by others, more progressive.

Process of creation of posevochny cars from several stages: origin of idea, an idea embodiment in the specification, development of the engineering design, prototypes, their test, statement for a, mass production, aging, replacement. Replacement of an old is possible only at emergence of new ideas and scientific a.