What Does It Mean To Workplace Diversity

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So, a family free, or that to what we aspire (there is a wish to trust). I will formulate its basic elements as the principles. It is easy to notice that all of them result from general property of a family and are built in system which will help people to find wisdom in the family relations.

I undertook this subject only for one reason. I live in a family which else reflects remnants of a traditional family. And, though recently (and with my active participation) essential motions towards a free family were outlined, at the separate moments it is difficult to avoid the conflicts. I know, there are people who like to swear, but I do not treat them. All that it is necessary for me is a quiet house atmosphere which at least does not prevent me to study, to work and have a rest as I want it. And if still the family is for me a source of inspiration is will be just fine.

So, we will consider as a family group of people who are united by desire to present each other happiness. Thus, in philosophical definition of the phenomenon of a family extremely generalizing sign is the desire to give each other happiness.

I should build own family soon. And here already only to me and my wife to solve what she will be. Taking into account all aforesaid I make an unambiguous choice for a free family. Thus, I ensure at least life without quarrels and the conflicts. And my children will have an opportunity to enjoy attention of parents who do not spend time for quarrels. I want to present to the future family happiness.

Here pertinently to remember quantity and quality. The dialectics is available – after enough such situations absolutely high-quality change – divorce follows. And the principle of general communication works as hours – as you think how the husband's rating by the chief at work will be reflected in a family? Most likely, it will come home the angry – here and a reason for the conflict. And if it since morning lectured the proper wife for badly washed shirt, whether it with soul will be able to be given to favourite work as day? The dialectic principle of development I want to place to myself at service here: the family needs to be developed! From simple to the difficult. From traditional to a free family. It is time to live, at last, as civilized people! At first to watch darling, then to draw conclusions that it is pleasant to him / her that can make happy and that can prevent it, and put these conclusions into practice, and then – again to observe (a dialectic spiral). From the abstract point of view all this develops and develops is irreversible. Primitive-communal system, patriarchy, traditional family, free family; that will succeed still not clearly, but development, let and slow, is available. But, the truth is always concrete, and to me it is not important that will be in hundred years, to me it is important, as (and with whom) I live now.